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4th & Pine

401 Pine at 4th

Manager: Terry Weir







Domino takes the 4th and Pine stage


A great shot of the stage with Rapid Transit!


Terry Weir


I got this note for Head East drummer Steve Huston:


Just found this website while visiting some memories. The people who hung out at 4th and Pine in the mid 70's know that Head East hung out there a lot when not on the road. Very cool club and we were good friends with both The Shieks and The Pride.

Steve Huston
original drummer
Head East



...a quick recollection from former doorman Bill Elmore:

I was one of the doorman guys at 4th and Pine, my favorite 2 bands were the Jolly Brothers from Jeff Viet and the Sheiks from down south.  Bill 




The Vault Door in 4th & Pine's basement Game room!




The Sheiks practically lived there!


...and so did Mama's Pride!




A beautiful old Bank building. Terrible MARBLE acoustics but very cool anyway. Had vault in basement!




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