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A Full Moon Consort







Watch a Very Rare video from PBS's "Moore at Midnight":



RIP Chuck Sabatino /Vocals, Keys, Flute

RIP Joey Marshall /Guitars, Vocals, Glockenspiel

Joe Truttman /Vocals, Bass, Mellotron

David Timmerman /Keys, Sax, Flute, Vocals

RIP Steve Strayhorn /Drums, Vocals

Dave Ferris /Keys, Vocals

Jim "Peach" Thompson / Bass, Vocals



RIP Harold Klamm /Lighting

Gary Wheatley /Sound

Rich Leyda /Roadie




Courtesy of Dave Ferris, here's a great studio tune:

Shooting Star








Watch : A Full Moon Consort at Reunion 92

Big Bang







A second "Circus" video from rare Moore at Midnight performance:






Here's one of my personal favorite "Moontoons" live:

If You've Found a Way





Full Moon performs on PBS' Moore at Midnight



Full Moon at the Chase




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Videos courtesy Sky King and Chris Moore