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RIP Roger Ponder /Guitar, Vocals

John Tuminello /Bass, Vocals

RIP Ed Wilburn /Guitar, Vocals

Martin Ponder /Keys, Vocals

Scott Meier /Drums

RIP Rich Halamicek /Keys, Vocals

Guy Kingsbury /Guitar, Vocals

Mike Colvin /Drums

Dave Duane /Bass, Vocals

Gary Kuper /Drums

Mark DeLorenzo /Keys, Vocals

John "LittleJohn" Pollizi /Guitar, Vocals

Gus Rizos /Guitar, Vocals

John Koch /Keys

Tom Knowles /Drums, Vocals

Dan "Guido" Vehlwald /Bass




Live at Secrets



                                              Roger Ponder...R.I.P







         John Koch












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Thanks to Ed Wilburn, Michael Colvin and John Koch for photos