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I got this note from Paul Light on 11-4-10:

  A couple of little tidbits about ARCS......when I was 14 and too young to get in the place, we'd just hang around outside in the middle of winter trying to get a peak inside while we watched the cig smoke bellow out of the eaves.......I recall seeing The Touch there and thinking who is this old dude with the cane sitting on the side of the band stand.....I understood later he was their manager. I recall the first time I saw the Black Zone there....and the first time I saw Chuck Keil......he looked about 10' tall and the epitome of a real rock god right before my eyes.......!!!!!!!"
  When I was 16 (and old enough to get in) I used to rent the building for $35 and pay a rent a cop $35 and have a rock concert with my band Zebulon Pike........on Friday afternoons we would tour around Alton and Marquette High Schools handing out flyers to the gig and typcially got a couple of hundred kids all sitting on the floor cross legged diggin on Space Truckin' or Remember the Future by Nectar.





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