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Acid Sette





RIP Jan Marks /Vocals, Keys

RIP Joey Marshall /Guitar

Calvin Smith /Guitar

Bill Marshall /Bass

Rick McMurtry /Drums

Ed Jenny /Guitar



John Wagner






Airport Castaway

Cloud Nine



In world famous Gaslight Square








I got this note from John Wagner on 8/18/11

I just got the notion to plug "Acid Sette" into my browser and I found this fantastic site!  OMG, what memories!

I used to make $10 a gig carrying their Dual Showmen (and all the other equipment) into the Castaways.  Never fell once, even in the ice!  I was one of the punk kids who hung out with the band.  I remember being  in the Marshall's basement when Duane and Greg jammed with them (Tobacco Road, as I recall).  They were the "Allman Joys" at that point.  I was also with Joey, Bill, Duane and Greg when we ran into the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band in Gaslight Square.  That chance encounter led the Allman boys out west and on to a recording contract.


...and I got this great note from Ron "Rocky" Greer on 3/31/12:

Greg,   I have an addition to the story by John Wagner on the Acid Sette page. He talks about when they met The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band at Gaslight Square....Well earlier that day I had gone downtown to Kiel Convention Center because there was a Home and Garden Depot in progress and I had nothing better to do. As it turned out Northland Music Center had a display set up with all of their new instruments, so I sat down to play them. As I was playing these long haired guys came up and grabbed instruments and we got into a jam. We ended up spending a couple of hours talking , laughing, and inhaling helium so we could talk to (or at) the older housewives that were there to "freak them out". During the course of all of this they asked me if there was any hot music in town during the nighttime they could check out, so I proceeded to tell them about the current house band at the Peppermint Lounge on Gaslight Square. I had never been inside there as I was still only 16 at the time, but several of us had spent numerous hours standing outside, staring in the window at The Hour Glass. Long Story short, they went to Gaslight that night, and that was how the meeting came about. I was in pretty tight with the Marshall house crowd, as I was Joe and Bill's sisters boyfriend at the time. You can check with Jan Marks on all of this for verification, but to this day I still feel I did my part for Rock and Roll History.       Thanks for your time Greg    (I never get tired of telling this story)      and for the record they also played "Spoonful" in the basement, and I got to sit in.       

Ron "Rocky" Greer





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Photos courtesy Jan Marks, Christine Marshall and John Nieman