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Vito Giambalvo  /Drums, Vocals

RIP Rich Cotton  /Sax, Vocals

Russ Smith  /Guitar, Vocals

Tim Null /Bass, Vocals

Kerry Walters /Trumpet, Vocals

Mike Brown /Trumpet

RIP Vance Straumann / Trombone, Keys, Vocals

Ken Page  /Keys

Tom Wehmer  /Bass, Vocals

Tim Null  /Bass, Vocals



Jerry Hamm



Steve Bradshaw /Keys, Vocals

Jerry Hamm /Lead Guitar

Orest Cymbala /Bass, Vocals

Roy Gill /Guitar, Vocals

John Lee /Drums

Preston Vaden /Drums

Bob Barczewski /Vocals

RIP Roger Ponder /Guitar, Vocals

RIP Ed Wilburn /Guitar, Vocals

Bill Pierce /Bass, Vocals

Bill Holcomb /Guitar, Vocals

RIP Mike Hough /Keys, Vocals

Tim Lokey /Vocals

Joe Quinn /Keys

Charlie Dalba /Drums

Louis Michael /Keys, Guitar, Vocals

Dan Kruse /Drums



Wilbert "Pancho" Lichtenberg /Sound



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Jethro Tull Medley












Tim Null ADRASTUS - 1973












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Photos courtesy Debby and Jerry Hamm, Nikki N. , Steven Paul (Bradshaw) and Bill Holcomb