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All Star Frogs




Erik Krogh

Bill Fiorio (Duke Tumatoe) /Guitar, Vocals

Kent "Doc" Lecouris /Harp, Vocals

RIP Donny Perrino /Keys

Erik Krogh /Bass

Robin (Reuter) Steele /Drums

Aaron Woods /Percussion

RIP Gary Brewer /Drums

RIP James Klingelhoffer /Vocals

Allen Bates /Drums

James Hill /Keys, Vocals

Bob Bortz /Drums

Pat Hammond /Bass

Rocky Anello /Drums



Mark Humphreys

Mike June

RIP Lloyd Dees

Alan "Spider" Lawler

Jim Melka

Kenny Dees

Jeff Reiss

RIP Marty Ficcardi



Here's the Frog's great 1972 original recording:

Eat Your Radio




James Klinglehoffer RIP and Donny Perrino RIP


Here's a note I got from Jim Melka on 4/29/12:

The name "Duke Tumatoe" came from a large beach towel that had a package of TOMATO SEEDS printed on it, and John Wayne's nickname. That I'm pretty sure of. I used to "hang out" the towel at gigs, across the front of Bill/Duke's amp hardcase.



Enjoy A S F's vision of Johnny B Goode:

Johnny B Goode






Roadies Alan Lawler and Lloyde Dees



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Thanks to Hollywood Hangover and Lloyde Dees for photos and Jim Melka for info!