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Alvin Pivil







Thom Meininger /Guitar

Stuart Johnson /Guitar

Gene Gowers /Bass

RIP Mike Prokopf /Bass

Kevin Graham /Drums

Kirby Graf /Drums, Percussion



Alvin Pivil opened this and many other concerts..


Here's a note from Thom Meininger:

I formed Alvin Pivil with Stuart Johnson in January 1969. I also played in Bittersweet and very briefly Oryis. I had my own casual band Sound Edge for over 25 years, booked by Bob Kuban and myself, and later played with Keith Ellis who ran the Sessions Jazz Band and Split Image top 40/jazz/rock/and whatever you desired.
  Mike Prokopf joined the band 2 weeks before we opened for the Grateful Dead in the Quad at Washington University because our original bass player told us he "would die" if he did the gig. We also opened for Albert King, Jethro Tull, Paul Butterfield, Traffic, Edgar Winter, and more, enjoy, Thom.



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