The Metro St. Louis Live Music

Historical Society


Animal House

Originally at: 2556 Chambers Road

Moved to: 9973 Lewis and Clark Blvd.

Moved to I-40 and North Hanley/Later called The Time Machine

Nation's Largest under 21 Club






Here's a radio spot from the 70's:

Suite 116




Younger Brothers onstage!







Here's a memory from Dennis Sullivan:

What a “blast from the past” as I ran across your old St. Louis club site.  I don’t have any photos, but my overriding memory of the place was they always played White Horse, by Laid Back, a couple of times a night.  Recall it being in an old theater, at least two levels, eclectic mix of people, but mainly North county folks, not many south or west county.  It was a haul for us to get up there, and hit it a number of times in 83-84.




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Thanks to John Nieman for MP3