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The Apostles







Bob Rogger (Regan) /Drums

Chuck Klein /Bass

Mike Menke /Guitar

RIP Gary Scott /Keys

Mark Trentmann /Sax

Bob Hoffrath /Trombone

Jim Kalbfell /Trumpet

Jerry Zehnle /Drums

Joe Pipitone /Drums

Rich Rudolph /Guitar

RIP Marcel Strong /Vocals

Billy Elam /Vocals

RIP Fred Baugh /Sax


Joe Mondello /Drums

Max Baker /Guitar

RIP Danny Pace /Bass

Brian Massey  /Bass

Bob Horridge /Organ

Fred Kuhn /Guitar





Listen to The Apostles GREAT instrumental:

Six Pack


Here's a great memory from Paul Ritter:

As for the band The Apostles, I remember them well as I grew up with the sax player Mark Trentmann and his brother Norm. Norm and I were the "band boys" setting up the instruments, sound and light systems. Norm was responsible for the equipment, built some of it and repaired all of it. I helped when I could, setting up and taking it all down, filling the band's old truck and then enjoying pizza at Monti Bello's on Weber Rd until late at night. That would have been in the late '60s. Mark now lives in southern California.






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