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Dennis Pawlak /Guitar, Vocals

Scott Price /Drums

Duane Coe /Guitar, Vocals

Dan Matt /Lead Vocals

Tom Price /Bass

Tom Ostermueller /Lead Vocals




I got this from Dennis Pawlak on 7/15/2010:

I am very proud of the songs we did and the band we had.  Absolutely some of the best times of my life!!  (so far) :)

Since then I have recently re-recorded my original Armor songs with my sons, Jason and Trevor, but I didnt want to name the band Armor so we are called Kindred Saint, but we have re recorded most of the original Armor songs.    I have attached a couple of the newly recorded songs which are copies of the originals from back in the day.   I hope you enjoy them. You can check out all of the remakes at  and if your interested in some of our new material check out these songs are written by my son Jason and played by my sons Jason, Trevor and myself.  Hope to be released on

a C

Here are two of the tracks Dennis is describing:

Gypsy Road

Be There Tonight

D soon and making some more memories




If you have any info about, or photos or recordings of this band, PLEASE email me at:

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