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The Biltmore

Fenton MO




In the late 20's and early 30's The Biltmore was a Speakeasy. When I played there in the 70's the owner (Don Winter) showed me

the big steel door that led to the illegal gaming and booze area.

                                                                                    Greg Bishop




These are original furnishings from the 1930's Biltmore that were saved before the fire by an early co-owner



Kevin Monzyk found this on the internet:

  The Biltmore in Fenton, MO opened its doors in 1929 as a casino for the elite but carried a notorious reputation of being a “speak easy” operated by friends of well-known gangsters. It was raided often and is rumored to have been frequented by famous gangster, Al Capone. At one time, the Biltmore was owned by Capone’s friend Harry E. Belford (a.k.a. Hickory Slim). Belford testified in Al Capone’s defense during the famous tax fraud trial that sent Capone to prison. The Biltmore conducted shady operations until 1939 when its doors were closed. In 1951, it reopened as a supper club and later, a nightclub catering to a younger crowd in the late 1970’s. In 1979, the Biltmore was destroyed by fire.




Here's a note from Sharon Smith I got on 9/2/16:

Just saw the pictures and article on Biltmore. In the late 70's I spent a few NYE's there.  It was an awesome place. I don't have any pictures of the building outside, just pictures of people partying inside.  One year there was an ice  storm and everyone was falling and the cars were sliding down the hill.  The pictures are awesome.  Thank you for sharing.



Robert Eisenstadt sent me this photo of Biltmore gaming chips from his own collection!



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