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Black Dog & the Rainmakers








Scott Debo /Guitar, Keys, Vocals

Bob McKeown /Vocals

Susan Connor /Vocals

Blake Smith /Guitar, Vocals

Lee Bowers /Trombone, Keys, Guitar, Bass, Vocals

Paul “PJ” Jackson /Bass, Guitar, Vocals

Bill Hesskamp /Drums

Charlie Hankins /Drums

 Bill “Blind Willie” Dineen /Trumpet, Vocals

Pamela Devine /Vocals

Ken Kase /Guitar, Vocals

Zach Pemberton /Harp, Vocals

Kirby Kelley /Guitar

Tom Smith /Guitar

Jayson Tipp /Keys

Ed Synan /Keys

Ben Henderson /Trumpet

Kurt Silver /Trombone

Mark Huth /Sax

Greg Farmer /Bass, Vocals

Carl Casperso /Bass

Kent Stone /Drums

Mike Dreyer /Drums












Watch Black Dog at Rockers:

Bloody Well Right





Here's a Black Dog original:

Mercury Blues




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