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Bob Kuban

Bob Kuban and the In Men

Bob Kuban Brass

Bob Kuban and the Rhythm Masters




Bob Kuban /Drums

RIP Ray Schulte /Guitar

RIP Walter Scott /Vocals

Mike Krenski /Bass, Vocals

Greg Hoeltzel /Keys, Vocals

RIP Kenny Smith /Guitar

Russ Knapp /Sax

Pat Hixson /Sax, Trumpet

Harry Simon /Sax

Jim Kalbfell /Trumpet

Boyd Kasten /Sax

RIP Skip Weisser /Trombone

RIP Dennis Linde /Guitar

RIP Robert "Bobby" Hunt /Vocals

Jon Ubben /Vocals

RIP Jodi Brumagin /Vocals

Bonnie Bramlett /Vocals

Doe Manalaurenti /Vocals

 RIP Gary Smythe /Keys, Guit, Voc

Charlie Boehme /Vocals

RIP Jim Huckleberry /Guitar, Vocals

RIP Doug Rayburn /Bass, Vocals

Kathleen Shaefer /Vocals

Doug Moore/ Guitar, Vocals

Barry Levin /Guitar, Vocals

Bob Hamby /Trombone

Dale Bode /Trumpet

Eddie Stelmeckie /Bass

Buddy Manino /Keys

Billy Miller /Vocals

RIP Gary Wallace /Trumpet

Jim Zimmer /Vocals

RIP Jim Hoff /Guitar, Vocals

Vic Burnley /Sax

Ken Ray /Trombone

Sam Balser /Trombone

RIP Terry Toon /Flute, Vocals

Danny Ferrell /Bass

RIP Dale Briggs /Vocals

Larry "Denny"  Denman /Keys, Vocals

RIP Karl Rau /Bass

RIP Larry Smith /Sax

Fred Robinson /Bass

RIP Rick Rayburn /Guitar, Vocals

Pete Laucis /Keys

Paul Verticchio /Guitar, Vocals

Bob Bosch /Guitar

RIP Dean Kresyman /Bass

Ken Martin /Guitar, Vocals

Frank Hloben /Sax

Felix Robinson /Bass, /Vocals

Harold Draper /Keys, Vocals

Kent Cooper /Keys


Photo of a photo of Bob and the In-Men at The Starlight Ballroom!




Listen to : Bob Kuban and the In-men

The Cheater

Musicland 20,001




Listen to great Bob Kuban Band arrangement:

Turn on Your Love Light














Bob and the Band on board The Admiral



I got this note from William Ruzicka:

Hello Greg -

I found no reference in Wikipedia for the Rhythm Masters, searched for it generally and found your site. At 77 I often begin thinking whether I remember correctly or not, but Im sure I remember that Bob & the RHYTHM MASTERS played at our senior dance at DeAndreas Catholic High School in 1961. (His ride was a very cool 1957 Plymouth Fury two-tone purple and cream!) All of us who graduated and began college at the newly established University of Missouri @ St Louis knew the bands original name, and there were several in-crowds at UMSL when the the song hit the charts.




At the famous Castaway Club





An early 60's Prom program page showing the "Rhythm Masters"











Bob wrote a weekly column for The Post reviewing local bands




l to r, Billy Jo Royal, Jim Brown, Bob Kuban, Jonnie King and Gary Lewis

at Club Imperial, 1966




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