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Bogarts South

4423 Lemay Ferry Road, South County

Owner: Rich Waytus

Managers: Bill ?; Dan Muether; Steve ?


Little Sister onstage at Bogarts South


Bartenders Steve and Ralph



My band Trikshot OWNED this room early on! We did Thursdays, Ladies Nights, and a weekend a month also! The crowds were lined out the door on Thursdays! The most beautiful women in St. Louis!

                                                                                       Greg Bishop


Here's Willow Creek on the stage of the "Small Side"


Bogarts Waitress Sherry!


Here's Little Sister onstage at Bogarts South live:


Dan and Ralph


Here's a note I got from Jim Heitert on 7-31-11

Iíve been thinking about Bogartís South lately.  My group used to hang out there in the late 80ís / early 90ís.  The band we came to see was The Adapters.  They played Rush 2112 (Overture and Temples of Syrinx) and we would do all of the ďHeyĒís like they do at a Rush concert.  It was pretty cool.  Iíll ask my friends what they remember and see if they have any pictures. 



Steve, Ralph and Steve prepare for St. Pat's shots!

Ralph in 2009


Trikshot every Thursday


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