The Metro St. Louis Live Music

Historical Society



Cahokia Lounge

317 Jerome Lane, Cahokia IL

Owner: Robert "Spooley" Sprague

Once the only after hours live music club, open until 3:00am



The building still stands, a stark reminder of hundreds of GREAT times!



Griffin performs on New Year's Eve, 1977. Remember the low, cave-like stage?


The front door...



Here's a memory from Dan King:

Was there in 1978 a few times.  Remember one night Chuck Berry’s daughter was singing with a band.  Sounded great.  I seem to remember she had purple hair…could be wrong on that point!  A buddy of mine and I were playing foosball.  We scored the fourth goal to go ahead 4-0. One of the guys we were playing slammed his hand against the wall and said something to his partner about getting the 38 out of the truck.  My buddy and I never said anything to each other, but lost the game 5-4.







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