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The John Bartley Band






John Bartley /Guitar, Keys, Vocals

RIP Randy Evans /Bass, Vocals

Pat Henessey /Guitars, Vocals

RIP Kent "Fishhead" Kidwell /Drums, Vocals

Larry Rowe /Bass

David Bradley /Guitar, Vocals

Mary Bradley /Vocals

Steve Ouelette /Guitar

Danny "Guido" Vehlwald /Bass

Julie Treppler /Vocals

Ray Slapak /Sax

RIP Michael Beal /Keys, Vocals

Greg "Boom" Bishop /Drums, Vocals



Jeff  Torregrossa /Guitar

Rick Vermin /Drums

Becky Certa /Vocals

Mark DeLorenzo /Keys

Mark Potillo /Guitar, Vocals

Mark Shadley /Bass, Vocals

Jack Inglis /Keys, Vocals

Joe Lang /Drums

Dennis Vickery /Drums



Terry "Wolfie" Boyer /Sound, Roadie

Terry Stiles /Sound, Roadie

"Mobil" Holmes /Roadie

Louis Joyner /Roadie

Mark Weyghant /Lights

Chris Korte /Lights

John Jelenik /Sound, Roadie

Tommy Brooner /Lights, Roadie




Watch Candy perform Foghat's


My Babe

Live at Impressario's, St. Charles, 1988




Here's a radio spot for Candy:



Longtime drummer Kent "Fish Head" Kidwell






Here's a track lifted from a Candy Single:

You'll Never Know






Watch live video of John Bartley Band doing original song at Ken's, Litchfield