The Metro St. Louis Live Music

Historical Society




Castaway Airport

930 Airport Road, Ferguson MO

Owners: Gary and Nita Koen/Joe and Esther Pokorny







The Good Feellin' performs at Castaway


Jan Marks, now and then outside the Castaway





Listen to The Dyaks, live on KSHE from the Castaway:

Sunshine Superman



The Acid Sette

I actually know 2 of the girls in the audience at the Acid Sette concert above.  They are Sue Loncaric and Jo DiSalvo and they went to high school at McCluer with me.  Thought I would see myself there as well but I must have been conspicuous by my absence that evening!!  Hmmmmm!!

Mary (Quinlisk) Vorhies   2/4/11







The Hour Glass, Duane and Greg Allman, at The Castaway







The Sheratons on the original Castaway stage!




Here's the building today!



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Photos courtesy, John Neiman; Jan Marks and Frank Runge