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Chances R

63 E. Chester Street, Champaign IL

Owner: Bob Bartholow RIP





The beautiful building...still, standing, still in use!




Phoenix onstage!


Top draw The Finchley Boys poses in Chances R's balcony


Here's a cool memory from Bruce Busboom:

Hi there, I did a Google search for Chances R and found your page.  Very nice!

My dad, Oscar Busboom, was a carpenter for Lyman-Wikoff Const. and helped build the bar.  He got the subcontract for the hundreds of balusters that lined the balconies, so he and I were cutting them out at home for many nights.  I think I was 11 years old.

I ended up playing on that stage a couple times, and saw Cheap Trick, Starcastle, Head East, etc. many times.  I remember Wednesday nights were "Beer Nights"...$2.00 cover for a live band and all the draft beer you could drink!  Legal drinking age at that time was 19, but I was sneaking in at 16.

I read that it has recently been purchased and is being gutted and remodeled for some other purpose.

Best regards, and thanks for the great site.



Ice Blue Secret performs on the Chances R stage






I got this from bartender Dave Strang:



Chances R Waitress Uniform







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