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Chatterbox Lounge

6300 Old Saint Louis Road, Route 13, Belleville, IL

Owner: Joe Seppi




I got some info from Joe's son, Steve:

My late father Joe Seppi owned/ran the Chatterbox night club for about 8- 10 years then turned it into appartments and since torn down.

6300 Old Saint Louis Road, Route 13 Belleville, ill. Of course back then it was in the county. Live music was the attraction. During that period the bands had several members. Big Stage, Long bar for those days. Really hopping place back then. I was just a kid but I remember getting kitty cocktails in the early evening when the bands were setting up. Best guess is 1952 to 1962.

After it was closed, when I was 16 he had me deliver 16 nickel slot machines to some guy in the county. Squeezed them into a Nova Station wagon and covered them with a blanket.

Don't post this probably but when I was 15 (learning how to drive) I would drive him all over during the day that summer to visit his friends. One that you may of heard of is Buster Wortman in Collinsville. Just an associate/friend  supposedly.  Buster was the East Side boss for years.

Thanks again for your site. I looked at a bunch of links.

Take care

Steve Seppi, Waterloo,il


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