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Mary Klick /Vocals

Mike  Klick /Keys

Tom Kennedy /Bass

Steve Koenemann /Guitar



Recieved this memory from Ted Oliver:


Ted Oliver here. I have thoroughly enjoyed your website of St Louis music of yore and thank you for your updates. I am on the Bands page looking at Clique. Steve Koenemann played guitar with Mike and Mary Klick as a trio from 1983 - 86, maybe í87. As I remember Mike Klick was the first to go completely digital - he kicked his own bass and used a drumulator for bass and drums.I remember standing behind Mike Klickís rig at Boomers and just could not believe his left hand. He was playing the bass line to Get Into The Groove by Madonna. Some guy came up to me and said he goes out to clubs in NY City and that many cats there could not kick bass and program drums like Mike could. Another memory - I donít know if my band was playing at Clamorgan and Mike came in when we were setting up or if Klick was playing at Clamorgan and I came to visit when they were setting up. One or the other but I played Stepping Out by Joe Jackson. I had the bass right, but Mike to the time to show me the exact voicing. Anyway, I was great friends with Steve Koenemann. I hope to visit him one day in SC. 



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