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Crook's Thieves






Ken Hunter /Bass

 Larry Harris /Guitar

Linda Sabo /Vocals

Denny Henson /Guitar

Frank Crook /Drums 




Here's a note from Larry Harris about his time in The Thieves:

I quit the Coachmen in about may of 1965. During the summer of 65, Ken Hunter came by and said he heard I quit Coachmen and "let's start another band." I said who? He said him on bass, his girl friend Linda Sabo vocals, me on lead guitar/vocals and Frank Crook drums. He asked if I knew anybody else that could play guitar and sing. I had sat by Denny Henson in school since jr high and he told me that he had heard me play and that he was better (7th grade). So I told Ken lets go listen to Denny Henson. Denny played a couple of, I think, Everly Brothers tunes for us and you could tell he could sing. We asked him if he knew any Beatles stuff...he did and was really good. We asked Denny if he wanted to play in a band. He said him and Davis Spiker already had a band. Ken told him we would pay him $20 dollars a night and he said OK!!

We played several times at Tri-Mor bowl (downstairs 300 room for wedding receptions) the "private gig" you see in that photo and at GCHS for the "Mr. Touchdown" dance in the girls gym. Plus several more gigs. We were together from summer of 65 until June 1966 when I went into the Army.



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