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Deja Who?






Greg Bishop /Drums, Vocals

RIP Steve Fears /Keys, Bass, Vocals

Barbie Childs /Keys, Vocals

Mark Potillo /Guitar, Vocals

Merrie Quann /Guitar, Vocals

Ellen Rogers /Vocals

Mark Shadley /Bass, Vocals

Robb Cunningham /Sax, Keys, Guitar, Vocals



Rick Heim /Sound

Shawn Beck /Sound, Roadie

RIP Kirk Potillo /Sound





Here's Dejawho with Barbie at Main St., Imperial:





Here's Dejawho with Merrie Quann at The Orris on Halloween:

You Oughta Know


"Bootsy" Shadley

Koikie P, RIP


Marky Mark


Boom Boom



Dejawho with Elle Rogers at Eddie's, G C:

Straight On















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