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Driver/The Drive





Pat Boni /Guitar, Vocals

Tom Schleman /Guitar

Mark Micelli /Vocals

Richie Callison /Bass, Vocals

Jay Mandell /Drums

Keith Minchew /Bass, Vocals

Rick Raleigh /Vocals, Bass

Rusty Gillson /Bass, Vocals

Rob Hoover /Drums

Mike Matthews /Bass, Vocals


Denny Divette /Guitar, Vocals

Mark Shadley /Bass, Vocals

Rick Fradyma /Drums

Phil Fischer /Drums

Keith Davis /Bass, Vocals

Ron Brem /Guitar

Bill Holcomb /Guitar, Vocals

Tony Poleo /Drums



Randy Jones /Lights, Roadie




Bill Holcomb



Listen to Driver Live performing Montrose's:

Bad Motor Scooter












Keith Minchew










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