The Metro St. Louis Live Music

Historical Society



Durty Nelly's

Florissant, MO

In the barn behind Historic Myers House0

Owner: Gene Olson




My biggest memories of Nelly's are the huge album cover murals that they would buy from Peaches and hang in the club and also that they had the nastiest wet t-shirt contest in St. nasty I believe that's what shut them down.

    I also remember playing there with my first pro band Cleveland. We all LOVED Full Moon Consort and would go see them every chance we got! Well, on this night, they were off, and had just had new photos taken in the area and they ALL stopped in to Nelly's! We turned to STONE, we were so nervous. But on the break they all came up and said hi and played around with our gear and really relaxed us! They were great guys!

                                                                                               Greg Bishop


Above and below, Mama's Pride onstage at Nelly's






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