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Terry Kratky /Vocals, Flute, Sax

Gary McClain /Keys, Vocals

Gary Wood /Bass, Vocals

Mike Jung /Guitar, Vocals

RIP Bob Spitzfaden /Drums, Vocals

Ted Weigel /Bass, Vocals

Fred Kratky /Drums

Rick Boyer /Bass

Doug Moore /Guitar, Drums, Vocals

Tony Goodman /Guitar, Vocals

Johnny Clarice /Drums

Dale "Spark" Geissler /Keys, Vocals

Alvin "Al Deano" Nunnelly /Guitar, Horns, Vocals

Clark Cole /Bass

Richie Daniels /Guitar

John DiMartino /Drums

Denny Baker /Guitar

RIP Dave McCormick /Drums

Dave Parker /Drums




Danny Pace /Lighting





Listen to an excellent studio recording:

It Gets Me High








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