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Fat Cat's

In the former Granary, Edwardsville, IL

Owners: Lou Biggs RIP/Thom Swain/Jason Thompson





A quick Fat Cat's memory; My band Trikshot, were the FIRST band to pay $50.00 for burning a hole in Thom Swain's new stage carpet...courtesy of Mr. Michael Beal RIP!

                                                           Greg Bishop


Here's a great shot of Fat Cat's stage with Griffin

(You can tell it's Fat Cat's, not the Granary because the chimp poster is gone!)



Thom Swain's WELL-WORN jacket...I shudder to think what the stains may be!


The one and only Lou Biggs, RIP



Here's a portrait of Lou Biggs done by bartender John "Honkhead" Worthen:




These 2 Fat Cat's T's made it all the way to a Thrift store in TEXAS!






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