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Jack Pratt /Guitar, Vocals

RIP Dave Harmon /Bass, Vocals

RIP Norman Pelot /Drums

Steve Armstrong /Lead Vocals, Sax, Flute

RIP Vince West /Guitar

Joe Prichard /Sax, Keys

Robert "Ferd" Frank /Bass, Vocals

Tom Knowles /Drums, Vocals

Mike Collier /Guitar, Vocals

Mike Prost /Guitar

Don Meadows /Bass, Vocals

Mark Ellsworth /Guitar, Vocals

Roger House /Bass, Vocals

Gary Jones /Drums



Dave DeForest /Sound

Steve Zweiful /Lighting

Chip Rickman /Lighting

Lisa Bank /Lighting









Listen to Gibraltar:

Heart Throb Outlaw

KSHE Seeds I






Here's another Gibraltar original:

Findin' My Way

...and one more:

Dark Eyes




...and here's one more Gibraltar original song:

Lovin' Kinda Man


Here's a note from Steve Armstrong on 1/20/12:

Vince West and I carried the band on from Southern Missouri to the city. The band played Rainy Daze, in the Late 60's and early 70's We went on from there to travel the country with Continental Entertainment Agency ( Contemporary Productions) We Played all of the local Clubs one of our favorites was Rusty Spring. We did a lot of shows with Mamas Pride there. We did Kiel with Blue Oyster Cult, Played With Styx in Kansas and did shows with many big names through out our run. We also enjoyed the Club Stages as a main venue. I included some different photo of the group. Some promo, some live at Kiel and the Ambassador Theater.






Back cover of Joe Prichard/Gibraltar album "Radioactive"

Here's a note I got from Joe Prichard:

My 1974 Gibraltar album was recorded in Cape Girardeau, and the band considered it to be a warm- up exercise for much more important projects...I am not sure if there was anything in writing about publishing and copyrights. I was happy that we sold enough of them locally to make a profit on them.
I sold a couple hundred of the vinyl copies out of the 1000 we had pressed 22 years later, for 200 dollars and contacted everyone to split the money five ways---it was forty dollars for each of us---story over---not quite. The guy was from Switzerland, or maybe Belgium, and he found a way to market them, and they are still sold in Australia, and god knows where else as CDs. I learned this year that five of the vinyl copies I sold brought him ...

about 2000 dollars---which is what we paid for 1000 of them in 1974.





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