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The heart and soul of Griffin, the late, great Danny Prosser


Jon Ubben /Vocals

Felix Robinson /Bass, Vocals

Harold Draper /Keys, Vocals

Bob Luther /Drums, Vocals

Rick McMurtry /Drums

RIP Danny Prosser /Guitar, Vocals

Rich McCracken /Guitar, Vocals

RIP Tom George /Drums, Vocals

Bill "Bucky" Buckler /Bass, Vocals


Steve Jackson /Guitar, Vocals

Pat Cluck /Bass, Vocals

Greg Bishop /Drums, Vocals

Robin Knuckles /Guitar, Vocals

Paul Light /Vocals, Bass, Guitar

Richie Woodruff /Drums, Vocals


Chris Vaught /Guitar, Vocals

Pam Schnur /Vocals

Darrell Harbison /Guitar, Vocals

Bob Bonacorsi /Drums

RIP Joey Marshall /Guitar

RIP Steve Strayhorn /Drums, Vocals

RIP Mike Light /Keys, Vocals

Gary Thompson /Drums, Vocals

Joe Monteleone /Guitar, Vocals

Beth Donahue /Vocals

John Wasson /Guitar, Vocals

Craig Reno /Guitar, Vocals


Ed Belling /Bass, Vocals

RIP Bruce West /Guitar, Vocals

RIP Brad Reno /Bass, Vocals

Tim Clotfelter /Keys, Vocals

Maria Baer /Vocals

J. Michael Hildreth /Vocals

Richie Daniels /Guitar, Vocals

Guy Browning /Bass, Vocals


Joey and Randy load in at the Granary



Jimmy Scott /Sound

Joey "Pancho"  Grace /Lights, Follow Spot

RIP Randy Mathenia /Sound, Lights

Ronnie Knuckles /Follow Spot, Lights

Cindy Newman /Sound

Danny O'Neal /Sound

Terry "Buzz" Wylie /Lights

RIP Terry "T" Weinman /Sound

Calvin McCollum /Lights

Jeff Presley /Lights




Here's an old Stonehenge ad for Griffin:





Paul and Joe Monte


Listen to Live Griffin original song from 1977:

Someone's Killin' Someone



Griffin soundcheck for PBS' Moore at Midnight



Dance, dance, dance...Griffin does LTD:

Back in Love Again





Bruce West, left and Johnny Wasson and Bruce, right



...another great dance hit, Pablo Cruise's:

Whatcha Gonna Do





Watch a reunion video of early Griffin members plus Gail Greener at The 2008 Danny Prosser Benefit:


Baby Love






I'll bet they wish they had this one back...








Sir Ronnie Knuckles lights the way!



Here's Joey Grace's well-worn roady jacket...


Griffin 1977

Griffin 2006



Felix and Harold






3 Griffin Funk masters, 1975-1980, l to r, Tom George, Greg "Boom" Bishop, Rich Woodruff


Let's not forget long-time drummer Gary Thompson

Three photos of the late, GREAT Steve Strayhorn during his time with  Griffin


Night Gallery, '78


Looks like The Prairie Tug



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Photos courtesy Paul Light; Joyce Monteleone; Harold Draper; Gigi Foster, Pam Schaeferle and Joey "Pancho" Grace