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Ike and Tina Turner

Ike Turner's Kings of Rhythm

Ike Turner Revue





RIP Ike Turner /Guitar, Piano, Vocals

RIP Jackie Brenston /Vocals, Sax

RIP William "Billy" Gayles /Vocals, Drums, Sax

Willie Sims /Drums

RIP Willie Kizart /Guitar

Jesse Knight /Bass

Herb Sadler /Guitar



Raymond Hill /Sax

Eddie Jones /Sax

Eugene Washington /Drums

Eugene Fox /Sax

Bobby Fields /Sax

RIP Larry Lynch /Bass

Bonnie Turner /Piano

Rich Pohrer /Drums

Robert Prindell /Drums

J W Walker /Vocals

Gracie Dumas /Vocals

Jimmy Koerber /Sax

Tina Turner /Vocals

Delores Johnson /Vocals

Eloise Hester /Vocals

Joshie Armstead /Vocals

Ann Thomas /Vocals


Watch Ike and Tina perform their biggest record:


Proud Mary



Chris Vaught's own autographed Poster from Granite City Show in 60's







Lucky Larry Lynch with Tina and Ikette Ann Thomas!



Tina and Jimmy Thomas lay it down at Benld Coliseum







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