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Joe Garnier /Keys, Vocals

Sidney Woods /Bass, Vocals

Randy Milkoski /Drums

Dennis Brock /Guitar

RIP Ron Tousignant /Guitar

Keith Trice /Vocals

John Lilton /Drums

Lou Manganello /Vocals, Trumpet

Carla Emrich /Vocals

Butch Jones /Drums

Reggie Pryor /Drums

RIP Rich Halamicek /Keys, Vocals

"Little" John Polizzi /Guitar, Vocals

Gary Kuper /Drums

Tom Knowles /Drums, Vocals

Larry Perlmutter /Drums

Mike Colvin /Drums

Kenny Schlereth /Keys, Vocals



Dave Aubuchon /Sound

Floyd Braun /Monitors

Ray Beck /Lights

Jerry ? /Lights

Glenn Bevers /Lights



The original Island Line-up


Here's Lou singing Van Halen at Stages in 1984:





Carla rocks Quarterflash at Six Flags:

Find Another Fool






LittleJohn performs Loverboy at Stages:

Turn Me Loose



Jeez...I hope this was Halloween! Speakeasy in Breese!












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