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Jay Barry Band

Formerly Jay Barry and the Sounds of Rhythm

Jay Barry Revue

formerly Winston and the Afftones










RIP Jay Barry /Keys, Vocals

Winston Rose /Vocals

Ralph Butler /Vocals

Geoff Meyers /Vocals

Tom Thomas /Bass

Dave Goodman /Sax

Jay Hutson /Sax

Paul Douthitt /Trumpet

Richard Stevens /Vocals

Charles Drain /Vocals

Patty Sands /Vocals

Paul Lucido /Vocals

Greg Tarrent /Keys

Cornell "Pops" Harvey /Vocals

Gary Bourgeois /Bass

Ray Walsh /Vocals

Alexander Kaid /Vocals

Perry Resnick /Guitar, Vocals

Butch Jett /Bass

Charlie Wilson /Guitar

Fritz Uhle /Guitar

Pat Brogan /Drums, Vocals

Michael McNeal /Drums

Bob Hunning /Drums, Vocals



Ken Gant /Bass, Vocals

Kevin Sanders /Drums, Vocals

Dave (Saint) Louis /Vocals

Dave Olmstead /Guitar

Chuck Wilson /Percussion

Tom McCormick /Vocals

Robert Fasnacht /Vocals, Percussion

John Fazio /Bass, Vocals

Gordon Montgomery /Vocals

Bob Murial /Vocals, Drums

RIP Rondo Leewright /Vocals

Danny Freeman /Vocals

Paul Motika /Guitar, Vocals

Brian Keith Parker /Vocals

Chris Bebee /Guitar

Joe Bebee /Bass



Larry Ghere /Roadie





A very young Jay at The Starlight Ballroom, mid 60's!















Here are some LIVE tracks from the Jay Barry Band


  Carry On Wayward Son


Fancy Dancer
















Although most of these photos are from the 70's and 80's, Jay's career dates back to the early 60's.

Here are a couple of tunes from then, courtesy Dave Goodman, sax player:


Hallelujah I Love Her So

Misty-Band Intro

Watermelon Man















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Special thanks to the Lary Slusser Collection and Vicki Bittick!