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Jerry Jay and the Sheratons




Jerry Schulte /Bass

Bill Livsey /Keys

Rick Davis /Drums

Jim Campbell /Guitar, Vocals

Darrell Weiss /Sax

George Johnson /Sax

 Al Schnell /Sax RIP

Jeannie Arnold /Vocals

Diane Hollenbach /Vocals

Ray Schulte /Guitar

Wayne Ertling /Keys

Sandy Guidry /Vocals

Joe Mondello /Drums

Jack Story /Alto Sax

Claude Coffman /Tenor Sax

Robert Ellison /Trumpet

Bill Ehelebe /Tenor Sax

George Johnson /Baritone Sax

Louis "Louie" Otten /Trumpet

Ludwig "Ludi" Henrichs /Trombone

Dan Conde /Drums

Michael McDonald /Vocals

Chuck Sabatino /Vocals RIP

Jodi Brumagin /Vocals RIP

Bob "Eagle" Ellison /Guitar RIP

Dan Bitza /Trumpet



Joe Pokorney







The Sheratons at the Castaway!



Listen to Michael and The Sheratons in 1967:

Show Me






Here's another amazing live cut from '67:

Tell the Truth









I got this note from drummer Dan Conde on 2/12/13:

Thanks so much for putting together the web page on the Sheraton's,

It was really nice to see my name listed here as one of the drummers and in great company with Chuck, Ludi and Michael.

I was 15 when I joined the band. I'm 60 now. Seems like only yesterday. I'm still playin drums (occasionally in church) and lovin it.


Sandy Guidry






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