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Jules Blattner

and the Teen Tones

and The Warren Groovy Band







Jules Blattner /Guitar, Bass, Harmonica, Vocals

John Kirk /Bass

Paul Spencer /Drums

Paul Endelacato /Bass

Terry Thompson /Guitar

Sandy Kelly /Vocals

Howard Jones /Drums

Brian Hamilton /Sax

Bill Bixler /Bass

Keith Hanson /Drums RIP

Bobby Caldwell /Guitar RIP

Harry Simon /Sax

Johnny Catalano /Drums RIP





Watch this hilarious video of Jules Blattner:


The Love Story


I got this from Jules on June 12, 2010:

Thanks for including me in the site. If I could figure out how to send pic's I would, but I'm computer illiterate. Perhaps you could mention on my site that going to Google and/or youtube, and putting in Jules Blattner, people can get music, stories, videos, and pictures of 50 years of rock n roll.






Listen to Jules Blattner and the Band:

Slip and Slide

Norman Records N-509






Jules and the band performed in Vietnam in 1968, even during the Tet Offensive:

Jules comments on 3/10/11:

Troopers loved us, officers, not so much. 3 shows a day, E M , NCO, Officers clubs. Sleep in bunker or whatever was available, then fly or drive up Hwy. 1 to next base. Choppers, cargo planes, whatever. We got 2 hundred a man a week. Somebody made A LOT O MONEY. Found out later they were selling the show for 2k a pop.

Between the agents and kickbacks 6 grand a day was disappearing.

They called it the khaki mafia. What a trip. Jules





Here's an entire Jules Blattner album on YouTube




Here's the record above:

Back on the Road Again




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