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King Solomon







Bruce Haverporth /Trumpet

Chuck Phillips /Trombone

Randy Maier /Keys, Vocals

Frank Palliser /Bass, Vocals

Rick Todd /Guitar

Gary Klein /Drums

Ed Stelmacki /Bass

Gary Borg /Bass

Dave Fowler /Guitar

John Arris /Drums

Ron Schmitt /Vocals

John Fazio /Bass

Dennis Falsetti /Vocals

Hal ? /Keys

Gary Klein /Drums

Mike Phillips /Bass



Here's a note from Chuck Phillips about the band's name:

The name was given to us by our agent Steve Shankman because we couldn't agree on a name. He just picked it out without informing us and started booking us as King Solomon. We really didn't like it but were stuck with it and it worked out OK. We played the normal Continental Entertainment circuit, clubs, dances and proms.






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