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The Kommotions

AKA Walter Scott & the Kommotions





Gerry Miller /Bass, Vocals

Pat Arana /Trombone

Warren Hartman /Keys, Sax, Vocals

Ina Douglas /Vocals

RIP Holly Vaughn /Vocals

Terry Schieler /Drums

Bill Blessing /Guitar

Craig Sergel /Trombone

RIP Larry Smith /Sax, Flute, Vocals

Glen DeWees /Guitar, Vocals

Larry Wadsack /Guitar

Lou Otten /Trumpet

Tony Finnochiaro /Sax

Mike "Doc" Brown /Trumpet

RIP Paul Lucido /Vocals

RIP Walter Scott /Vocals






Listen to The Kommotions 45:

It's a Cryin' Shame



Listen to The Kommotions 45:

Gee Whiz



Listen to The Kommotions 45:

Egg Shell Blues








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