The Metro St. Louis Live Music

Historical Society




Tom Ostermueller /Vocals

RIP Mike L'Ecuyer /Keys

RIP Bob "Butterfly" Watson /Drums, Vocals

Rod Schulze /Bass

Doug Krutewicz /Guitar

Tom Geil Phillips/Bass

Dan ? /Keys

Denny ? /Guitar

Bob Baird /Drums

Bert Billfold /Drums

Rick "Maple Syrup" Frodyma /Drums

Terry Duggar /Drums

Geoff Torregrossa /Guitar



Pete ? /Keys

Bob Sax /Keys

Tom Snyder /Drums RIP

Maurice Cooksey /Guitar

Rick Janz /Guitar

Ken Gant /Bass

Greg Hardin /Keys

John Melbroad /Guitar

Charles ?/Drums

John Shaw /Bass









Bob's last drumming glove as treasured by Tom Ostermueller







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