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The Matador

Rte 140, Cottage Hills IL




Here's a Matador memory from Zebulon Pike's Paul Light:

“I was 16 playing at the Matador Lounge in lovely Cottage Hills, Illinois… was basically a really rough biker bar with a lot of characters”……I was in Zebulon Pike……we played a couple of weekends of month there in 72-73……on a normal Saturday a Cat Fight would break out……and rather than trash the club, everyone would go out to the parking lot and form a circle around the two ladies in question…..then the fur would fly, pantyhose torn, and hair pulled out….a lovely sight…….the cops would pull up and instead of breaking it up……would stand there and watch too!!!!!!!!! It was a different time!!!


Oh yea, whenever we’d get done at 2am in the morning, since I booked the gig, I had to go get paid…….well, I would walk into a dark office behind the bar….and the owner would peel out $200 from his bankroll to pay me sitting behind a desk with a loaded pistol sitting there just in case!!! “In case of what”…..





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