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Max Load





Terry Jones /Lead Vocals, Guitar, Synth, Songwriter

Mike Yaffe /Bass, Synth, Drums

Tony Mayr /Guitar, Bass, Organ, Vocals

Greg Latinette /Drums, Guitar, Synth, Vocals

Scott Morris /Bass






We lay claim to being the very first punk rock band from Belleville, IL, formed in 1978. We were featured on the second KSHE Seeds show with our only single release, and I personally spoke to Gary Kollander (Seeds host) about featuring local bands. We were approached by Bruce Harris of Epic Records for a record contract after our appearance in Rock Scene magazine (NYC) in July 1980. Jason Ross ("Scene Of The Crime", KDHX) and BDR Records (STL) released our Epic demos in their final (of 6) release of historic 70's/80's St. Louis new wave and punk bands in 2013, with material we recorded in the late 70's. We're all still alive and well, and pursuing varied interests. Thank you for your website. STL rock forever.






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