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The Misfits





Tom Sharp /Guitar, Vocals

Tom Struharik /Bass, Vocals

Steve Maulin /Guitar, Vocals

Kevin Graham /Drums, Vocals



I got this brief history from Tom Sharp:

Hi, Greg……The Misfits was the first band I put together back in 1964.  I was 14 years old! We were together for two years, playing private events and some clubs…Bruno’s Bat Cave, Rainy Daze where we opened for Kenny Rogers and the First Edition and other clubs I can’t recall.  Steve and Kevin stopped playing when we broke up.

I went into the military but picked music back up when I got home. Tom Struharik let me know he was leaving The Younger Brothers and I was in that band for six years from 1973 to 1979. I was then with Ivory Tower for a short time (you probably know why) but left for California and the music business.  I worked in the studios with legendary producer Kim Fowley on numerous projects and played shows with Kenny Rogers, America, Badfinger, etc.  I became friends with the guys from The Ventures and recorded with them on one of their CD’s. I retired in 1988 and settled in the Phoenix area.




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