The Metro St. Louis Live Music

Historical Society



Night Gallery

Jerseyville IL

Owner: Bill Killion/Bill Benjamin




Faustus photographed at Night Gallery






Griffin lights the fires at Night Gallery


Howard Nevins sent me this memory:

I have a lot of special memories of Night Gallery but one stands out above the others. A band called "Star Castle" used to play there every Friday night and this one  Friday night in march of 1976, I met and fell in love with a green eyed girl, who I still love to this day. That will always be the memory for me. Thank you and what a fun place it was.

What a romantic's another one:

Greg, like Howard Nevins, who sent you that delightful email that you have posted on the Night Gallery page, I also met a little gal at Night Gallery on the evening of Saturday, February 21, 1976. We were friends for the first two years, and then in July 1978 it turned romantic. We were married in June 1979 and as of this writing in October 2011, have now been together 32 years. And I owe it all to Night Gallery...
Keith Brown




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