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Offshore Movement

The Faege Years--1969-70








Charlie Faege /Guitar, Vocals

RIP Marty Dunard /Guitar

RIP Rich Roberts /Hammond Organ

RIP Carl Hasse /Bass, Vocals

Bob Bank /Drums


RIP Andy Love /Management



Watch a video and enjoy "Ship With Wheels"


Written by Charlie Faege



I got this from Charlie Faege on June 11, 2010:

In 1968 I joined a popular St. Louis group, THE OFFSHORE MOVEMENT; and by June 1969, OFFSHORE MOVEMENT performed three-hour sets of my music in St. Louis and surrounding area clubs (The Castaways, Electric Circus, Rainy Daze, etc.). The group opened for a number of major concert bands, including Muddy Waters, The Flock, Rotary Connection, Albert King, Illinois Speed Press, John Lee Hooker, et al; and received support from St. Louis radio stations KSHE and KADI - and had an enthusiastic following.

The band had a very hard-working manager, Andy Love (Love Productions), who is also not credited on your site. Mr. Love died from a heart attack if I'm not mistaken and it was not long after that the band broke up. I left with the drummer (Bob Bank) and formed Chuck Phony with Bill Marshall from the Truth and Calvin Smith from the Acid Sette.

                                                                                                              Charlie Faege




Listen to : Offshore Movement

Down South

Written by Charlie Faege





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Thanks to Charlie Faege