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Pavlov's Dog







RIP Sigfried Carver /Violin, Vitar

David Surkamp /Vocals, Valeno, Acoustic Guitar

RIP Rick Stockton /Bass, Vocals

David Hamilton /Keys, Vocals

RIP Doug Rayburn /Keys, Flute

Mike Safron /Drums

Steve Scorfina /Guitar, Vocals

Tommy Nickeson /Keys, Vocals

Kirk Sarkisian /Drums

Tom Tarantino /Keys, Vocals

Phil "Philmo" Montgomery /Guitar, Vocals

Steve Levin /Guitar

Tom Keller /Drums

Geoff Bensen /Guitar, Vocals

Jimmy Miller /Drums

Jason Watkins

Frank Kreige

John Xeno


Listen to : Pavlov's Dog


Here's a live version of the GREAT P D tune:

Natchez Trace








Here's P D's great original:

Natchez Trace





Richard Nadler dies, violinist and political columnist




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photos courtesy pavlovsdogband, Dave Mueller and Steve Scorfina