The Metro St. Louis Live Music

Historical Society




Peppermint Lounge

711 Washington, next to Lowes State Theater

Owner: Tom Kelly







The Younger Brothers squeeze onto The Peppermint's colorful stage!


The Hot Waitresses!


Justice rocks the Peppermint



Here's a Peppermint memory from Val Rufus:

It was a wonderful place to go, chill out in dancing. Peppermint waitresses were out of sight. We bought awesome psychedelic pan. Me and my friend came down as every Friday and Saturday night just about and it was never any trouble. Everybody got along! It was just a wonderful, wonderful atmosphere. It was right before I went off to war. Some wonderful girls that have one that I dated while I was in the service so I have nothing but good memories of the peppermint lounge.






...more Younger Brothers




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