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The Pete James Combo





Pete Zimmer /Drums, Keyboards

Lloyd Watts /Tenor Sax

Larry Simpson /Trumpet, Vocals

Gary Mattaline /Piano

Terry Carlyle /Trombone

Mike Krueger /Tenor Sax

John Pratt /Tenor Sax

Rick Sharp /Trumpet

Bob Simpson /Tenor Sax, Vocals

Ron Holtz  /Alto Sax

Tony Mattaline /Piano

Roger Sharp /Tenor Sax

Ron Lane /Drums, Vocals

Tom Meinert /Drums

Mike Lewis /Drums

Bob Wisneski /Bass, Vocals

Herman Burcham /Guitar

Dan Welty /Trumpet

Ross Stein /Trumpet

Sonny McGraw /Tenor Sax



Here's a live track by Pete James Combo:

Send in the Clowns







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