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Philthy McNasty






RIP Duke Dauer /Vocals

Scott Rice /Drums

Vince Kwiatkowski /Keys

Wayne "Jake" Jacobi /Bass, Guitar

George Hinds /Bass

David McKee /Keys

Scott Likes /Drums

Tim Trace /Bass

Gary Francine /Drums

Joe "Red" Williams /Drums

Denny Potthast /Guitar

Kim Mack /Keys

Louis Paul /Guitar


Vince Stevens /Keys, Flute

Reggie Pryor /Drums

RIP Butch Nolkamper /Guitar

RIP Larry Hacke /Drums

Bob Kelly /Keys

Dave Sumner /Guitar

Kendall Hoffman /Drums

Tony Arnett /Keys, Vocals

Eddie Cummings /Bass, Keys

RIP Kent "Fish" Kidwell /Drums

RIP Benny Reeves /Guitar

Russ Peters /Drums

Mickey Petrack /Bass













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