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St. Louis Playboy Club

3914 Lindell at Vandeventer






These backlit frames held "Bunny" photos

When the club was "Kearbey's" they held colored paper



St. Louis Bunnies Kitty, Bea and Kelly

greet keyholders on opening night, July 1963


Here's a KTVI look back at the club:


A film by Paul Shankman


Bunny Cathy Nall with Fred Waring in The Living Room





Hef in St. Lou...that's Ronnie on the left!


This back-lit glass/painted mural was originally upstairs in the penthouse


Invitation only!


Even my very own Sis, Cris, worked there in its' final years!



House bandleader Joe Bozzi jams with Dizzy Gillespie




Stairs to lower level

This remarkable lounging area "floated" above the dance floor


The St. Louis Bunnies with Johnny Carson at the Chase!


This is Rosalie "Ronnie" Murray, then and now. Ronnie was one of the original 50 Bunnies hired for the new St. Louis club! The center photo is Ronnie's new book about her life and time at the club! Ceck out Ronnie's website:  You're still looking GREAT Ronnie!


KXOK DJ Johnny Rabbitt indulges!






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