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Steve Farmer /Guitar, Vocals

Ken Dieckmann /Bass, Vocals

Joe Moran /Guitar, Vocals

Dan Schiller /Guitar, Vocals

Bill Schiller /Drums

Gary Minnick /Drums

Dan Wirick /Drums

Darren George /Drums

Carolyn Drazic /Drums

Dave Farmer /Drums

Ben Majchrazak /Drums

Dave Sharp /Keys

Tim Aubochon /Keys

Dan Dively /Keys

Jeff Newcomb /Keys

Todd Painter /Keys

Mike Holmes /Keys

Chris McCready /Keys

Vicki Viggers /Vocals

Judy Laughlin /Vocals

Carmen Angie /Vocals

Cheri Kraus /Vocals

Sheila Cook /Vocals

Karen Wood /Vocals

Pam Pennington /Vocals

Casey Ellis /Trumpet

Kurt Schmid /Trumpet

Barb Tippet /Trombone

Robert Ray /Trombone

Steve Kaufmann /Sax

Rob Roy /Sax

Ken Schwein /Sax




Here are some live MP3's from Quinessence:


Brick House


Feel Like a Woman


Follow Me


Game of Love


Here are a few more music tracks:


I Feel Good


I'm a Believer


Jump, Jive and Wail


What a Wonderful World










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