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The Raindrops







RIP Grady Brown /Vocals, Guitar

Jim Marsala /Bass

Bobby Noah /Drums

Jerry Frank /Sax

Joe Mondello /Drums

Johnny Phillips /Bass

RIP Terry Borton /Bass

Mike Webb /Drums

John Monick /Sax

Chuck Trythall /Sax

Art Brockman /Guitar, Vocals

Butch Windisch /Sax





Johnny (L), and Grady with an affectionate fan!



Here's The GREAT Raindrops rockabilly hit:

I Don't Want a Sweetheart





Jim has been playing with St. Louis legend Chuck Berry for 15 years!


The Raindrops discography



Bobby Noah now

Covetones Kenny Smith and Bobby in 2005!


Here's drummer Joe Mondello today...still ROCKING!


Here's Grady in 2000


Here's Grady, Joe and Jim from a gig just this year!

Here's Joe that same night!



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