The Metro St. Louis Live Music

Historical Society


Rainy Daze

14100 Olive Street, Chesterfield MO

Owners: Todd Kromer, Carl Bianco



The owners, Carl and Todd welcome you...


Iggy works the crowd!



A good look at the HUGE room!



*Iggy and the Stooges onstage at Rainy Daze


I got an email from Laura Evans, the girl Iggy cut with his mic stand:

Hi! Wow, someone just turned me on to your page with the pics. I love it - I was there at every one of those shows, in fact Iggy accidentally pierced my arm with the mike stand during the show with the silver gloves. He gave me one of them to wrap around my arm to make the bleeding stop. My boyfriend Tim Miano and Crazy Marvin carried me back to the office, and Iggy begged me not to tell my dad because they didn't want to get sued.



Contract for Amboy Dukes at Rainy Daze in 1969



*Alice Cooper at the Daze



Alice Cooper's Michael, Alice and Neil after the show with

our own Rand Burleman looking on!



The early Daze with the small stage!



*Ted Nugent at the Daze 1969


Gene Edelen and Rush at the Daze






*More Stooges






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*Thanks to Craig Petty for Alice, Stooges and Nugent live photos